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The last few years have seen Sandro Zanzinger expand his photographic range, which is predominantly characterized by commercial, architectural and fashion photography. He has thus ventured into higher education and has led theory and master classes in photography at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Zanzinger’s works encompass many different genres and his multifaceted skills represent the basis for the wide variety of assignments he is in demand for. As well as technical and practical talents, his interpersonal competence is highly regarded as he crosses paths with people from many different walks of life.Due to an heterogeneous wealth of experience, Zanzinger is equally adept at working in unpredictable settings in various contexts. He is currently focused on national as well as international art scenes where he produces works commissioned by galleries, museums, collections and artists. In addition to documenting events and catalogue photography, he fastidiously devotes himself to the creative challenge of portraying artists and their pieces.Zanzinger utilises a fun, intuitive and investigative approach when shooting personalities, delivering photographic statements which emanate the authenticity of his subjects. He approaches them with a characteristic sensitivity in an almost symbiotic manner with unerringly consistent results. The quality of the photos apprehend a striking reality that reveal the nature of their own artistic work. Because he meets these requirements empathetically, Sandro Zanzinger refers to his studio as the sensual laboratory: Das Sensuelle Labor.